Could you be an Insider?

Do you have knowledge and experience in your sector AND are passionate about it?  

Are you comfortable sharing your knowledge and can adaptively answer queries with flexibility and nuance? 

Maybe you're at the stage in life where you've acquired a rich repository that you think should be used to help guide others...

Or perhaps you just get a kick out of contributing to the success of other people?

If so, your knowledge is in demand and valuable! 

Join Insider Information and share your expertise with providers and other professionals, or individuals and families seeking guidance and advice for unfamiliar sectors.

Even with just 1-2 hours per week, you could make a big difference!

We think there are many fabulous benefits to becoming an Insider such as:

  1. Build your personal brand! Becoming an Insider will boost your reputation and personal credibility. You'll access personal booking links to share, recognition of being a vetted Insider, opportunities to showcase your knowledge further through webinars and blogs, as well as Insider-only access to personal branding masterclasses. 
  2. Expand your own knowledge... through learning from the customers you connect with. People who are passionate about sharing their knowledge are usually passionate about gaining it too and we are sure in addition to the invaluable assistance you can give, you will most certainly get something back from each interaction.
  3. Feel good – there’s nothing like that euphoria of knowing you’ve made a difference to someone. The advice and information you provide might shortcut a load of cost and angst for the person you're connecting with.
  4. Contribute to the advancement of the industry through sharing your unbiased info and building the knowledge and confidence of others to make informed decisions
  5. Get paid!  Yes! The sharing economy is alive with opportunity and Insider Information provides the chance for you to monetise your knowledge in a way that works with your job and personal life.

At Insider Information, we are on a mission to catalyse positive change through accessible wisdom, simplifying and instiling confidence to guide each unique journey.  

To do this our Insiders need not just the expertise and experience but be generous, unguarded and unbiased in sharing their knowledge? 

This is not the place to hold back information so you can generate leads and sell your services. As an Insider, sharing your knowledge unsparingly is the product here. Of course, being an Insider can do wonders for your personal brand which ultimately flows on to enhancing your business and career. 

If you think we could be a great fit, click the button below and help us to learn a bit about you...

Personal consultation

Is this you… stressed, overwhelmed, feeling guilty because you need to make rushed decisions, fearful that they aren’t the right decisions, worn out because it’s just so complex, so time consuming and worried about balancing it with all the other equally important people and parts of your life?


Having a direct line to someone who understands the system inside out will generously and without any ulterior motive, share their wealth of experience targeted to your needs.

Insider Information can be your compass.

No selling – our experts are there to share their knowledge and nothing else.

No being bombarded with calls - we don’t pass your details on to ‘matching’ businesses so even more of your time is taken up answering calls.

Only someone who knows the system, who knows ageing, who has helped hundreds of people throughout their aged care career and who is ready to answer your questions and apply their knowledge to provide tailored insights for your unique situation.

We know that making these decisions can place added stress on many members of the family - share the call with other members of your family so you are all equipped with the knowledge to make informed choices.

Take a shortcut to the peace that comes from clarity… where the aged care expert simplifies the complex, provides insights in to the why and helps you gain a profound understanding for your specific needs no matter what stage you are at.

It’s not just about getting answers, it’s about having the tools to transform the care journey for your loved one and your family.

Say goodbye to the frustration and uncertainty.  Stop feeling overwhelmed, start feeling empowered knowing that you are making informed thoughtful choices.

Take a moment to envision a future where your decisions are guided by knowledge and understanding.  It begins with expert insight.

Following the webinar, you will also gain access to our exclusive facebook group where you can connect, share and learn from others who are going through a similar journey and receive member only information and tips to help you and your loved one along the way.